A Concise History of the Motor Totemist Guild

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Here's a compositional sketch featuring some serial & combinatorial shenanigans.

Listen to "A Famous Recluse" by James Grigsby (1:17)
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Additional audio - with video! - can be found on our YouTube channel.


These files are for study purposes only.

Narcotic Lollipop contains examples of rhythmic counterpoint, motivic cells, & stylistic hybrid. Yamatonadeshiko is an example of graphic notation.

View "Narcotic Lollipop" (54 pages)
from City of Mirrors, © 1999 All rights reserved - BMI
for flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone,
piano, guitar, bass, xylophone/percussion, and drums

View "Yamatonadeshiko" (16 pages)
from All America City, © 2000 All rights reserved - BMI
for electronics, guitar, piano, and bass


GENE CARL - Dutch composer and pianist, who was back in town for one of the pivotal recording sessions that led to the forming of U TOTEM.

EMILY HAY - Voice and flute for U TOTEM, MTG, plus her solo and group projects.

DAVE KERMAN - Composer and drummer for 5 UU's, MTG, U TOTEM, + a million other things.

CURT WILSON - Voice and engineer for 5 UU's, MTG, U TOTEM, + his solo work.

ROD POOLE - Guitarist and engineer for U TOTEM, MTG, + his solo and group projects.

MOTOKO HONDA - Pianist and composer featured in the City of Angles project.

RICH WEST - Drummer and composer featured in the City of Angles project.